• Insurance Planning

    The Need For Insurance Planning

    "Insurance is not for the person who passes away, it is for those who survive," goes a popular saying that explains the importance of Insurance Planning.
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  • Children's Future Planning

    Children's Future Planning

    Like every parent, you too must be overjoyed to watch your child grow. All parents want to give the best possible upbringing to their children. This includes good education and security, in case of any eventuality. Read More

  • Retirement Planning

    Retirement is much a reality as much as its planning a neglected activity. Retirement planning continues to be ignored by most individuals.There is a lot more to retirement than just resting on an armchair and pla... Read More

  • Investment Counselling

    Investment planning is critical to reach your financial goals.  There is no one solution that works for all.  The right solution is the one that works for you and it is our job to discover such an investment strategy for you.

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  • Tax Planning

    What is tax planning and what you could gain from it?
    A good citizen should always pay tax. But he should not end up paying unnecessary tax. A smart citizen is one who pays tax but also makes maximum use of provisions available in Tax Laws to minimize it.

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Certified Financial Planner



"It has been a rewarding experience to be associated with Mr Sachin Parekh. He has an instant knowledge of micro level activities in the market and has quick grasping ability of the situation. He and his entire team is very cordial and it is always pleasure to deal with them. 'Anytime Availability' is the most remarkable feature of his group. Day by day, the activities of the group have been expanding rapidly and I have no doubt that very soon, Parekh Capital is going to be the talk of the Mumbai city."

Anil Manekar
Nehru Science Centre,

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