I got introduced to Mr Sachin Parekh around 7 years back. Initially I started off with SIPs as advised and was investing some amounts of money as and when it used to be available gradually increasing the amounts. I had approached Mr Sachin couple of times for investing in 100% equity but I received a very mature advise that SNPFP does not encourage high risk investments but at the same time invests our hard earned money in high-return mutual funds and also rotates and re-invests our money between liquid funds within MFs in such a way that we get maximum returns. The best part of SNPFP is we get impartial and neutral advise with all the positives and negatives(if any), and last but not the least is his promptness and speed of response which is really appreciable. I am sure that any one getting associated with SNPFP and who follows their advise is deemed to benefit. Regards, Wing Commander Madhusudan Dusi (Retd)

- Madhusudan Dusi

After having some problems and loss of trust in the financial company I and my husband were with, we were advised to talk to Sachin. His integrity and knowledge are invaluable. He understands that the age group we are in, we will soon depend on investments for our income and he accordingly advises us. He speaks with us regularly to assess our risk tolerance and to review our portfolio, providing answers to all our questions. He makes us feel more secure.
We are pleased to see his farsighted approach and strong in knowledge of the investment scene.
We are in good hands and we have sight of our investments by his mobile app on real-time basis and he is constantly updating us with market information.

- Poonam Ahuja

SNFP have been the financial planners for our family for almost 8 years plus now. Working with Sachin is like having an expert financial planner in the family - he has the skill and professionalism of an expert, and the trust and comfort of a family member.
Sachin is great at long term financial planning , he goes to great depths to understand goals and milestones , and is always proactively recommending appropriate solutions

- Rupika Raman

It has been wonderful experience working with Sachin and availing his expertise on Mutual funds / investments.
What I like the most is the flexibility and options he provides after understanding your financial situation. Also Sachin’s availability at all times makes is really convenient to make quick decisions and get your money to work quickly.

- Ajay Krishnamoorthy

My wife and I were looking for help concerning investment and financial planning and we were recommended by some very good friends to contact Mr Sachin Parekh of SNPFP.
We would like to thank you and everyone at SNPFP who formulated our investment strategy over the past decade or so. I have always found your advice on investment / financial planning issues to be comprehensive and your continual advice has helped us in a big way to realise our financial goals. Thanks again for everything. It’s always a pleasure.

- Niranjan Govindekar

Mr. Sachin Parekh is a true partner in my personal financial planning. I have relied on him for all mutual fund investments as well as insurance policies for my family. He has a great understanding of the industry and is always available to resolve all my concerns. My investments, based on his advice, have yielded returns much above market. I would strongly recommend Mr. Sachin and his company Save N Protect Financial Planners.

- Mohit Ahuja

Sachin was introduced to me by a friend back in 2006...since then he has been helping me allocate my funds....what I like about him the most is his honesty and probably which very few like him in his business have...also his service levels are par excellence and I dont think he even sleeps...wish him all the best for his future...

- Nikhil J Mehra Institutional Equity Sales - JM Financial Institutional Securities Pvt Ltd

"Its now more than 5 years that I have been interacting with him and my experience has been great..
Systematic and Disciplined are terms very closely related to Mutual Fund and I can relate the same terms vis-a-vis Sachin as well. Accessibility, is one of the great feature that he owns and reliability is another..
All the best Sachin.."

- Amit Doshi Sr. Mgr, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Mumbai

Sachin came to me for giving business but I landed up giving him all my business!!! Thats what he is!!! A fantastic sales guy as he has complete knowledge of the subject. He is dedicated and extremely hard working and I guess this is one of the many degrees that he is going to accumulate in the years to come.
All The Best !!!!

- Rajesh Doctor MF Global India

I have found Mr. Parekh to be quite accessible and responsive to my needs as an investor. I believe he provides very professional service. I would highly recommend him to prospective clients without reservation.

- Dr. Pranay Patel USA

I have been using Sachin's expertise for couple of years now and have always been impressed with the service provided and the recommendations made by him. It is always reassuring and comforting to receive comprehensive and professional advice regarding ones savings and investing plans for the future specially when you are away from the country and the local financial market. These sentiments have been developed during my association with Sachin over the past 2 years. Sachin and his team always handle my needs in a friendly and personal manner. I would highly recommend the services offered here regardless of your reason for seeking independent financial advise.

- Vishnu Patwari Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers, USA

My congratulations to you on becoming a Certified Financial Planner! It is another milestone achievement in your career and adds credibility to your advisory skills and further reinforces my confidence in your capabilities.
Our association goes back a long time. I have grown over the years to trust your advice and recommendations on various investment alternatives which have been commensurate with my risk appetite. Thus far, I have grown my portfolio with stable and satisfactory returns.
In fact, you are now a “one-stop-shop” for all my investments and insurance requirements.
I wish you all success in the future and a look forward to a continuing mutually rewarding association.

- Phiroze Tarapore Head of RCR - India, Barclays Bank PLC

It has been a rewarding experience to be associated with Mr Sachin Parekh. He has an instant knowledge of micro level activities in the market and has quick grasping ability of the situation. He and his entire team is very cordial and it is always pleasure to deal with them. 'Anytime Availability' is the most remarkable feature of his group. Day by day, the activities of the group have been expanding rapidly and I have no doubt that very soon, Parekh Capital is going to be the talk of the Mumbai city.

- Anil Manekar Director, Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai

For someone who was a complete novice at Finances, Financial Planning, Investments and Taxation, I feel blessed that I know Mr. Sachin Parekh.
A friend, guide and trusted counsellor, he has been a fantastic source of support in all financial and investment matters for the past 3 years. His professional attitude, vast knowledge and helpful nature are what makes him special.

- Vinay K Venkatesh Creative Director, OgilvyOne Worldwide

I still remember the first time I met Sachin Parekh when I was looking for an enhanced insurance cover for myself after my first child was born. From that moment, I have done all my investments and insurance policies only through him. He is always there to guide me efficiently whenever I approach him.
One great thing about Sachin is that he always thinks about the unique needs of each of his clients and recommends specific schemes for them. He even advises his clients to discontinue a few schemes when they are not doing good, though this may affect his own income. He is the one advisor who thinks about his client more than he thinks about himself. A great investment advisor to have, for sure.

- R. Janakiraman Head of Treasury, National Bank of Umm Al Quwain, Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates

Sachin is extremely knowledgeable about investment options - and his competence, friendly advice and sound judgement have helped us many a times in choosing the right avenues for investing our money in instruments which match our risk-return objectives. His latest achievement of attaining CFPCM degree bears testimony to his commitment to stay one step ahead in the world of financial planning and is bound to take him places. We wish him the very best for the future.

- Tulika Mehra Gheji RM, ICICI Bank & Amit Gheji, Godrej Consumer Products

Mr Parekh has been my financial advisor for last couple of years. He possesses in-depth knowledge of the products & services that he promotes & thus helps the client plan his finances more appropriately. Also the post investment support from his team is always there unlike other 'agents', who don't believe in maintaining a continuous client feedback & support mechanism

- Karishma Budhwani Tata Tele Maharashtra

It has been a good five years journey with Sachin, where in, the first name that comes to my mind for any 'Investment - Financial' requirements is 'Sachin'. We all trust him deeply & with his timely service & expert advise has helped us face financial needs efficiently.

- Harshad A Patil Nihal Enterprises, Air Conditioning Experts

Since 2008 I have been using the expertise of Sachin in planning, monitoring and executing my personal financial investments. He exhibits tremendous knowledge and provides detailed advices often supported with worksheets. His integrity and support has yielded satisfactory results more often than otherwise. He and his team has been able to create a value chain and do an excellent job in monitoring and analysing the invested instruments in addition to providing future growth prospects. He is an asset to any individual if someone decides to have a reliable service on personal investment. I congratulate him on achieving the CFP Certification and wish him and his clients all the good fortune.

- Pritish Mukherjee Senior Geologist, Kuwait Oil Company

I am an NRI and all that I possess in India is in Sachin’s hands. I have no worries because I know that my investments are in safe and honest hands.

- Ramiyar Pandey Chartered Accountant, Eurorevision, Spain