10 Reasons Why You Need a Retirement Planner

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November 16, 2018
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December 14, 2018

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Retirement planning is an inseparable part of financial planning and has assumed heightened importance, especially due to unpredictable market cycles and skyrocketing costs of living in recent times. If you are a salaried professional in the corporate hub of India, which is Mumbai, it is even more important for you to start planning for retirement early so that you can put your hard earned money to work.

There are plenty of professional retirement planners in Mumbai  and they consult all kinds of professionals like salaried ones, businessmen, self employed and even non professionals like housewives! Before heading out to look for the best retirement consultant in Mumbai or any other city for that matter, take a look at our guide which will tell you 10 reasons why you need a retirement planner in your life:

  1. High net worth: If you are a high net worth individual its essential for you to consider professional retirement planning to manage all your existing assets and liabilities in a systematic manner. It will also help in realising future goals like setting up a new business or expanding your current one.
  2. Career progression: Want to go for that MBA from an American university? The costs associated with education are rising everyday and professional retirement planning will help you not just through retirement but also during your professional career.
  3. Existing debts and liabilities: If you undertook student loan for college education then its essential for you to take retirement planning seriously in order to clear your debt and chart a course for the future.
  4. Manage investments: Have multiple investments? Get the help of a certified  planner to systematically manage them in order to get the best returns at the end of your professional career.
  5. Business: Always thinking about quitting your job and launching your own startup? Retirement planning could be the key to realizing the goal and will prepare you with the initial corpus for the costs associated with starting your own venture.
  6. Dream home: Getting your own place, is the dream of every young professional and retirement planning can give wings to this dream by ensuring you maintain financial hygiene and get the keys to your first home as soon as possible!
  7. Taxation: Retirement planning is also key to ensuring that you pay optimal amount of taxes every year till the end of your career, in order for you to realise your own financial goals.
  8. Healthcare: Healthcare is something that can make a dent in anyone’s savings, and quality healthcare is not only expensive but has a lot of other costs associated with it. If you have a family history of genetic conditions, consider professional retirement planning to prepare for any inadvertent incidents.
  9. Secure your family’s future: If you have dependants family members, it’s important for you consider retirement planning early in order for you to secure them financially.
  10. Personal goals: Apart from all these, retirement planning can help you realise a number of personal goals, like travelling the world, setting up an NGO, getting a vacation pad etc etc.

We have told you briefly about 10 reasons why you need a retirement planner. We at SNPFP have helped hundreds of our patrons across income groups to set up retirement funds and pension programs to realise their retirement goals, and we would love to hear from you in case you have any further questions. Have a great day!


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