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July 18, 2018
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September 12, 2018

Mutual funds have quickly become the rage with investors and fund managers in Mumbai, alike. Before you take the decision of investing keep in mind that no matter what type of investment you make, they will always be under certain risks which you must acknowledge and understand before taking the plunge. If you have made that decision then you are already through the most difficult stage of investment! Let’s take a look at the ways to invest which will make your money grow like never before. If you already have a portfolio managed by a Mutual fund consultant in Mumbai. Keep reading for tips on how to improve it.


  • Diversification: A lot of people over the years have paid a heavy price of putting all their eggs in one basket. This is a rookie mistake most new investors are prone to making. Get a portfolio which evenly spreads out your corpus in order to minimize risks. If you already have a portfolio, diversify it as much as you can. SNPFP specializes in making tailor made portfolios for our customers. We have specialized fund managers for Mid-caps, small-caps which will give you the returns you want with the right amount of risk, that you are comfortable with.
  • Do your homework: This one is right up there in terms of importance. Take time to understand the documents which lay out the specifics of the investment. If you have trouble understanding the language or legalities of the terms and conditions you can always avail the services of a professional certified fund manager at SNPFP who will break it down for you in simple layman terms. We have an envious track record of retaining first time investors who decided to give us an opportunity to serve them with their very first investments.
  • Don’t be averse to risk: The very fact that you have decided to invest in equities shows that you are comfortable with at least some amount of risk. Don’t base all your investing decisions by obsessively fretting over risks. Risks are directly proportional to rewards. Not being risk averse is recognizing your capabilities, your size of the corpus and your future goals. A lot of people make fortunes overnight with the help of Fund managers, who delve deep into equities which do not enjoy mass popularity as others. We at SNPFP believe in creating a balance in the risk you are prepared to take and your future goals!




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