Madhusudan Dusi

Ajay Krishnamoorthy
February 12, 2018

I got introduced to Mr Sachin Parekh around 7 years back. Initially, I started off with SIPs as advised and was investing some amounts of money as and when it used to be available gradually increasing the amounts. I had approached Mr. Sachin couple of times for investing in 100% equity but I received a very mature advise that SNPFP does not encourage high risk investments but at the same time invests our hard earned money in high-return mutual funds and also rotates and re-invests our money between liquid funds within MFs in such a way that we get maximum returns. The best part of SNPFP is we get impartial and neutral advise with all the positives and negatives(if any), and last but not the least is his promptness and speed of response which is really appreciable. I am sure that any one getting associated with SNPFP and who follows their advise is deemed to benefit. Regards, Wing Commander Madhusudan Dusi (Retd)